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Your first guitar

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YOur favorite guitar


your fantasy guitar

Your FIRST guitar does not need to be very expensive.  It MUST, however, be well-maintained and properly set up with the right strings, then tested, and must also be the right size and type for you.  Grandpa Barry stocks a nice selection of properly adjusted guitars to make learning easy, fun, and satisfying.

Your FAVORITE guitar finds its way into your hands when it's time to practice, jam, or just relax. Your thoughts and emotions pour through it exactly as intended.  You choose the guitar and the guitar chooses you; both to make each other sound their best.  Pick up, plug in, and play the electric and acoustic guitars, basses, and other instruments you love, and meet your new traveling companion right here in our store. 

Your FANTASY guitar may be a rarity for your collection.  Maybe it perfectly expresses your inner extrovert or your public persona.  Check out the one-of-a-kind performance instruments and rarities at your friendly neighborhood guitar store right here in Ottawa, KS. 

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